Hypnotherapy can change your life …why not use it?

So many people want to gain confidence or lose weight, stop smoking or deal with stress, how about YOU?  Hypnotherapy may be the key to these or many other problems which occur in life. Come on in, investigate here, ACT NOW!!

Warm wishes

– DBS enhanced certificate

– Fully Insured

– Listed on NHS Directory of Complementary Practitioners

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23 comments on “Hypnotherapy can change your life …why not use it?
  1. denclare says:

    Worth a trip from the mainland to get rid of claustrophobia!

    Hi Den I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you very much for our session the other day. I actually got into a lift! !!!! It was a small one as well the ones on the ferry. Like I said thank you so very much for your help.
    Sharon Day

  2. denclare says:

    Pain reduced drastically, always good to hear.

    Hi Den, sorry the delay. I wanted to leave it a couple of weeks before letting you know how things were just in case there were any major changes either way.

    The goal for me was to reduce my leg discomfort which I am pleased to say has been reduced by about 70%.

    I feel I have learned the skills to help me manage my issues.

    The CD’s are great re pain and stress – thank you so much for the CDs.

    Once again thank you so very much.

    Kind regards


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