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It is essential that you choose your therapist with the utmost care as you are entrusting them with a great responsibility – to help you CHANGE. Their depth of experience and their proven success rate is of prime importance as is their reputation in the community.

Den Clare has been a resident of the Isle of Wight since 1960, originating from Aldershot in Hampshire. His first career was in Banking and he then served as a Police Constable in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary. He served for a while on the former Sandown-Shanklin Urban District Council in 1970 and on the committee of the local Business Association for some years. He was also a Cub Scout Leader in Shanklin.

Whilst not medically qualified he has studied complementary medicines since the age of 15 and has been a registered healer with the National Federation of Healers since 1976. His Hypnotherapy training was begun in 1968 and is still ongoing. He is the sole practitioner of the Hypnotherapy Consultancy and a Certified Master Hypnotist (C.M.H.) and Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp) through the Scarborough School in England. He is also fully registered to practice in the states of California and Florida, U.S.A., where he frequently attends seminars, conferences and further instruction. He belongs to the American guild of Hypnotist Examiners and the Hypnotism training Institute of Los Angeles, California. He has worked with Gill Boyne, Ormand McGill and Charles Tebbetts – some of the top American therapists.

Also in England, he is a FULL MEMBER of the National Council of Psychotherapists (M.N.C.P). Counselling Courses at Guildford University have helped further his understanding of human behaviour. Den is a fully qualified LOUISE HAY course teacher.

It is absolutely essential that your therapist is fully trained and experienced in their field. Ask questions! How many years have they practised? Are they known to your G.P.? Where did they train?

Hundreds of original testimonials from satisfied clients are available for inspection at Mr. Clare’s Consultancy.

The Weekly Post reporter who visited Mr. Clare to write a feature on slimming with hypnosis stated in her article on Friday, May 15th 1981 – “The Hypnotherapy had an amazing effect on my life . . . . . . and it worked”. In a further article which appeared on March 2nd, 1984 the success of the reporter in stopping smoking was detailed. A full page article about Mr. Clare appeared in the Isle of Wight Clarion on 13th September 1985 and he has written several articles for the Islander Magazine.

He was featured in a full length article entitled “A visit to the Office of Den Clare in England” in the American Journal of Hypnotherapy in December 1993.

He is also a full member of:-·

The Institute for Complementary Medicine
The UK Training College of Hypnotherapy and Counselling
The International Stress Management Association
The International Association of Counsellors and Therapists U.S.A.
The BHA Hypnotherapy Association
The National Guild of Hypnotists U.S.A.

The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy MAPHP (ACC)

National Register of Psychotherapists and Counsellors

The National Council for Hypnotherapy- Diploma holder MNCH (Reg)

Den holds BUPA provider no. 30012581.

Recent qualifications have been added with Dr. Steve Jones of the American Alliance of Hypnotists for Basic Ericksonian therapy, NLP Practitioner, Past Life regression work and Life Coaching

Den has also become a Certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist through the Adam Eason School of Therapeutic Hypnosis

He still finds after many thousands of hypnotic sessions that each one is still new and different and considers himself fortunate to be involved in this work. Hypnotherapists may come and go, there is only one who has advertised weekly on the Isle of Wight, throughout the year, non stop since 1980.   DEN CLARE.

Den is also available for private consultation by the hour and has worked with leading rock stars, actors and a famous musician in California, adventurers, politicians, sports people, Police, Vicars, nurses, Prison Officers and, of course, thousands of the general public!

8 comments on “About Me
  1. Adrianne crabbe says:

    Hi den do you do regressions? Is it done over one session? What is the cost please and how do i go about booking it?

    • denclare says:

      Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes, I do regressions at a cost of £95 for a session and the same for follow on sessions if required.
      I allow whatever time is needed, normally an hour, but if particularly “impressive” I just carry on for a while. Unfortunately can’t guarantee results as it
      depends so much on individual responses. Please call me on 866999 if you wish to discuss further or book an appointment.
      Warm wishes

  2. hi den
    my daughter has been a fussy eater since she was small thanks to her biological father forsing her to eat things she never liked which has made her eat the same rubbish food for years , although this didn’t effct her weight at all until a couple of years ago when put on antidepresent and in a space of 4 months gained a lot of weight , she wishes that she could try other foods and lose weight but cant bring her self to do this , I think the only way would be for her to be hypmotised , while asking a friend whom suggested to contact u as somebody that knows u really well she went to school with ur daughter and said u were really good, also said that u can get reverals from the if so I would really be interested to see what help u could give us please
    regards brigitte

    • denclare says:

      Hi Brigitte
      I feel sure that Hypnotherapy would help your daughter. If you could call me on 01983 866999 we could discuss further and discuss what medical help she has had.
      Warm wishes

  3. Den says:

    Shouldn’t be a problem, just allow yourself “recovery time”, a few minutes rest after your session or better still play it as you fall asleep as it is still working perfectly even if you are asleep.
    Attached is the sheet I give with all my CD’s, hope this is helpful.
    Warm wishes
    Den 🙂

    • Brian Hannington says:

      Hi Den,
      I need to stop smoking because my health is suffering!! Maybe I can make an appointment to discuss this.


    • Den says:

      This is a problem that responds very well with Hypnotherapy and if you call me on 01983 866999 I will explain fully how and why this works!
      Warm wishes
      Den 🙂

  4. julie page says:

    Dear Mr Claire

    I listened to Paul ,McKenna’s tape, is it visual to feel
    Lightheaded after hypnosis.



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