Client’s testimonials

Here are a few extracts from the many hundreds of ORIGINAL letters received personally by Mr Clare. They are available for inspection at his Consultancy

“My starting weight was 20 stone 12lbs and I am now 10 stone 12lbs, nearly down to my target weight of 10 stone.”

“After 40 years of smoking I can now truthfully say that I am a non-smoker. I cannot thank you enough.”

“Just to say a very big thank-you for enabling me after 6 failures to pass my driving test at the seventh attempt. I had always been very nervous on my tests but this time I did not feel nervous at all, and it was all due to your help.”

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to you.”

“Much healthier. I am sleeping better. The sickness has gone.”

“Depression has become a thing of the past.”

“I have found beginning to unfold a complete and utter transformation of my entire personality, for the better.”

“Never before have I found dieting so easy. I find your sessions very relaxing.”

“I thank you for curing my migraines and fear of flying.”

“Tension all gone. In fact I am so “laid back” I am almost horizontal.”

“No longer am I the nervous wreck you first met, thanks to your caring treatment ………. please continue your marvellous work.”

“I have now gone two and a half months without a severe migraine which I had suffered from constantly for 25 years.”

“My body is still free of any rash.”

“The build up of my self confidence has surpassed my greatest expectations.”

“I have managed 3 weeks of dryness throughout the night – my bed-wetting is no longer a problem.”

“You have changed my life.”

“Thanks Den”

Here are a few extracts from appraisal forms completed after self Hypnosis courses:-

“I was able to take away some very positive thoughts to work with and expand my intention to improve my life experience”.

“Excellent, More confident – Sleep pattern improved – annoying habit of picking stopped, Thanks”.

“Very good – very sensitively presented”.

“I found the course extremely beneficial and useful. It will enhance my meditation practise. You certainly knew what you were talking about!”.

“Warm and friendly”, “You handled the various needs very professionally”.

“Inspiring, friendly and very approachable”, “I would of liked a longer course”.

“An extremely excellent and interesting subject presented with clarity and forethought. Well researched and thought out. You hold everyone’s interest totally”.

3 comments on “Client’s testimonials
  1. denclare says:

    I received the following progress reports from Jo’s parents as he was suffering badly from confidence to the extent that he couldn’t travel on the ferry to tournaments.
    They were extremely pleased with his first session and the results came quickly as he travelled to compete in various competitions on the mainland!
    They sent me the following progress reports:
    Hi Den.

    We are on our way to the tournament. Jo said he actually feels excited, which is a massive change! Fingers crossed he enjoys himself. I’ll keep you posted!!

    Jo won the ‘east Dorset junior winter county tour champion 2016’ tournament today!! He beat a boy who is apparently ranked top 200 nationally in semi, then went on to beat the no1 seed in the final in a tie break! Had to win four matches to win. What a difference you have made!

    Jo’s doing really well thanks. He did a regional tournament in Portsmouth at the weekend, and won two games, one of the boys was ranked 270 nationally ( Jo’s currently 575) so he was really happy! He was very nervous before he went but played super confidently . He’s playing in Surrey next weekend and only needs one more win against a player who is of the same rating or higher , to take him up to a 7.2. He is so fired up at the moment, it’s great to see!
    We still feel so indebted to you, and are more than happy to write you a review. Just let me know how to do it?
    Many thanks

    Just to keep you updated with Jo. He went to London to compete today. He beat a 6ft 4 guy, with the same rating as him 5-3, 4-0 and also a French guy to take his rating from an 8.1 to a 7.2! Happy is an understatement!! :-))
    There seems to be no stopping him!!

  2. Margaret Slade says:

    Dear Den

    I think you realised, within minutes of meeting me for the first and only time, exactly how bad my snake problem was.
    My husband still cannot believe it, but it’s true. I am cured.
    Complete proof was seeing, totally unexpectedly, a huge Burmese Python with its owner whilst out High Street shopping last week.
    I touched it. No tears. No fears. No toe curling. No hysterics. Just calm acceptance.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Margaret S

    • denclare says:

      Thank you Margaret for your feed back. I am so pleased that your fear of snakes has slid away! Next time you cuddle one, send me a photo.
      Warm wishes