Fear of Flying

Where so many people fly regularly the fear of flying is now a more commonly noticed fear or phobia. Whilst fear can be a naturally protective experience, once the feelings control you, that is a phobia. A phobia is a conditioned response which takes a stronger hold each time it is repeated or experienced. It is a response which can be “relearned” and eliminated with hypnotherapy. It may be the result of a bad experience, which may or may not be able to be recalled. The imagination can over ride logic and rationality and embed the fear into the subconscious mind. Logic is a conscious mind function and the fear is located at a subconscious level which can be reached and altered with hypnotherapy, when the conscious mind, and its critical factor, can be set to one side.

Many people take tranquillisers or use alcohol to try and conquer the fear, but this is attacking the symptom, not removing the irrational fear itself. At a more severe level they are perhaps prevented from flying at all, missing all the joy and pleasure of holidays or the opportunities for work abroad.

The fear may be felt whenever contemplating flight, or prior to actually booking the dates, or even starting as the airport is reached, or prior to booking.  Sometimes it is the take-off or landing which stimulates the response.  The symptoms may be sweating, shaking, stomach problems, heart racing, all of which are very debilitating and may prevent travel.  This very restriction in ones life can have enormous re-percussions and control, negatively, plans and freedom.

Rationally, of course, we may be only too well aware of the fact that air travel is the safest means of public transport, far safer that travelling on the motorway for example.  See my tips for flying hand-outs. So let me help you to deal with the restrictive phobia and get flying.

The world is your Oyster, take control NOW!!


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Lily Allen slimmed with Hypnotherapy

Mind the junk: Lily Allen tucking into fast food in April (left) and, right, showing off her slimmer look last week.

Whilst Lily has moved on now with childbirth, it was interesting to note that prior to that she used Hypnotherapy!

Lily Allen has gone from size 12 to size eight after several sessions with Susan Hepburn, who she claims has reprogrammed her brain to enjoy healthy organic food and associate trips to the gym with feeling happy.

Allen, 22, is delighted with her new look and said: “After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad. “I just want to get more toned and healthy. I’m really good about everything at the moment – I’ve never been happier.” The singer, daughter of actor Keith Allen, is not the first celebrity to turn to hypnotism to lose weight – model Sophie Dahl, singer Geri Halliwell and the Duchess of York have all done so.

Full story:

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Huge weight loss success

She could hardly fit in my chair! After filling in the intake form I need not have asked her the reason for her visit, twenty and half stone spoke for itself! Lank hair, pallid skin, depressive attitude and stance, classic hiding behind rolls and rolls of excess, life threatening FAT!

I explain how hypnosis works, take full details and case history of her reasons for wanting to lose weight and make sure the relaxing, reclining chair can take the weight.

She seemed very surprised when I explained the comfort pattern of the subconscious mind, the oral gratification behind much over eating. Her life was empty, frustrating, void of all joy, the only compensation being food. She had developed a happy-go-lucky exterior to hide behind, but beneath all those layers of fat was a lot of pain and confusion after years of mental abuse from both her parents. Not actually physical abuse but the equally destructive negative conditioning and put downs over the years.

At twenty eight years old she wondered how easy it would be to change her lifestyle – to stop binging in the middle of the night and eating everything in sight.  She told me that when she ate a packet of biscuits she could remember the first and the last but none in-between.  On a good day she got through four packets of biscuits a night.  I daren’t think how many on a bad day, and that was as well as the chocolates and other abundant sweet things.

She blamed her parents for her weight problem.  Years of being ignored by her father and her mother’s frustration and submissive behaviour had taken its toll. Forgiveness had not entered her mind, nor the fact that she was now responsible for her own life.

After the first session of hypnotherapy she felt much more relaxed with me and positive about losing weight, but obstacles kept cropping up in her mind.  We dealt with a lot of the baggage from the past over the next few sessions but her parental dependency was very strong. It took a “regression” back into earlier times when on one occasion she felt particularly useless, to use her imagination and some NLP to reframe the feelings and get in touch with her own power. Many tears accompanied this session but it was a turning point which could be clearly seen the next time she came for her appointment. Hair nicely groomed, a smile and positive greeting, eye contact and the news that she had met someone she was very fond of, a supportive understanding soul. But most importantly the realisation that she was in control, she had made herself fat, she could CHANGE!

It took a year, once a month, to lose ten and a half stone, to see her get married, to see this lively, excitable, new person emerge. Unrecognisable, happy and a new mother with a lovely healthy, happy baby who, I know, will never be exposed to the scourge of obesity,  Millions of people have benefited in some way from having a change of mind.

That change first takes place on an unconscious level.  Everything in the subconscious mind seeks expression in the physical self.  For many, using self hypnosis, that change can occur instantly, others, like Janis, come to that realization more slowly, until it suddenly hits them.


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Hypno sport

I have over the years dealt with many sports competitors wishing to improve their performance, as do many of the leading players in football, golf, badminton, and weight lifting to mention a few.

For years coaches concentrated only on the physical side of sport and neglected the crucial role played by the individual psyche during a sporting contest.

The main restriction we have on our abilities is ourselves and when you think that prior to Roger Bannister cracking the “four minute mile” it was believed to be impossible. Within a very short time after he achieved that feat several others did so, the veil was lifted, it could be done!

I was visited by the South Midlands Ladies Weight Lifting Champion prior to her competing and was very pleased to receive her letter after the event’s success saying how the hypnosis enabled to her to cope with the pressure and win! She felt a completely different person and said I would have been proud of my contribution to her change of attitude and positivity!

Golf is a most frustrating sport and I have had several very high profile golfing figures that came to me because of that mental block which seemed to take over. Of course, as we know, the sub conscious computer has to be well programmed to ensure success. No negativity, no doubts, thinking only of success… that which is expected tends to be realised.

We have come a long way since the work of Franz Anton Mesmer who coined the word “Mesmerism”, and it is no surprise now that most leading sports organisations use Hypnosis in the form of sports psychology. I can testify for many that have been to my Consultancy and I am sure that my own mental attitude allows me still to play squash at some level! at the age of 70 and with many more years playing, with or without Zimmer, ahead of me!


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Secret of Russell’s Entrancing Dancing

Russell forgets his injuries last night after a session with Nureyev’s ‘mind doctor

The Express – Sunday October 16,2011
By David Stephenson

RUSSELL Grant has been hypnotised to stop him thinking about his bad hip which almost made him quit Strictly Come Dancing.

The popular astrologer called in Texan Richard Bandler, world-renowned neurolinguistic programmer, who once worked with ballet star Rudolf Nureyev.

The Sunday Express was granted exclusive access to Russell’s 40-minute hypnosis session. Bandler told him: “I want you to start dreaming the perfect dance.

“You have seen yourself dance perfectly. Now it’s time to feel yourself doing it.

“Your unconscious is practising what to do. While you’re dancing perfectly in our mind, all your fears can disappear.”

Emerging from the trance, the first time he has been hypnotised, Russell said: I feel the peace. I have an inner kind of calm now.”

Last night he and partner Flavia Cacace danced the foxtrot to Don’t Rain On My Parade from the musical Funny Girl. Other highlights on the hit BBC1 show were Nancy Dell’Olio’s Argentine tango with Anton du Beke and Lulu’s rumba with Brendan Cole.


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One of the worst smokers ever!

James sounded a reluctant stopper as he ‘phoned to enquire as to the process for stopping smoking. 69 years old, he was smoking a scary 100 cigarettes a day and had been told by his Doctor to stop in preparation for an operation in two months time.

As always, I need the assurance that the client really wants to stop and is not being “nagged” by the other half, or family! This was given enthusiastically but with great reservation as to his ability to succeed. James had smoked for forty odd years and acknowledged that mostly it was habitual and many were not smoked but left to burn during ‘phone calls or other occupations.

A full case history was taken with the most important section his own reasons for stopping, in detail. These are “fed back” to the client during the session with great emphasis on the negative effects! I explained all about the comfort pattern from baby hood and oral gratification, being the main drive, not necessarily nicotine addiction!

The first session is always a cutting down one, the second, a week later, allowing me to assess progress and change any techniques if necessary. After the first session he said that he was relaxed but didn’t really feel any different. All the signs of hypnosis had been noted by me.

James returned a week later, amazed that as he got into his car the previous week he was disgusted by the smell in his vehicle. Upon arriving home he had to clean the house from top to bottom with the help of his enthusiastic lady, and wash all his clothes to get rid of the smell of smoke. He never touched a cigarette after the first session and has confirmed, two years later, that he has never smoked since and has benefitted from all the health giving results of being ….a non smoker! Living longer, having a better quality of life, feeling cleaner and fresher, having more energy etc. etc. etc.

A very pleasurable result for me as well!! 🙂


Celebrity Quitters

  • Catherine Zeta Jones – Soon after she became a mom, the star of Zorro and Traffic knew she had to mend her ways. She said, “I have to stop smoking as my kids are at the age when they are going to start asking questions.”
  • Julie Christie – For an actress like Julie Christie, whose career was in the golden age of smoking in the movies, there was little choice but to smoke. She kicked nicotine out of her life by using therapy.
  • Anthony Hopkins – Although he’s been seen smoking onscreen, in movies like Hannibal, Anthony Hopkins has actually given up the habit in real life. He used therapy to help him overcome the hurdle that many smokers face, the perception that they need tobacco to get through life.
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Be happy- continued

Be happy   

Living a happy, resilient and optimistic life іѕ truly wonderful and іѕ аƖѕο ехtremely good for уουr health. Being рƖеаѕеd really protects уου from the stresses of life. Stress іѕ linked to top causes of death such аѕ heart disease, cancer and strokes. One of the truest things еνеr ѕаіd іѕ –                                                                 

    “The οnƖу thing in life that wіƖƖ always remain the same іѕ change“,

and in ουr life we hаνе the power to make the nесеѕѕаrу changes if we want to. Social networks or relationships are essential to happiness. People are different, accept people for who or what thеу are, avoid clashes, constant arguments, and let go of аƖƖ kinds of resentments. If arguments seem unavoidable still try and make an effort to know the situation, consider your perspective, and then уου might јυѕt get along with the person.

Basic happiness іѕ really found in everyone, somewhere, increasing it іѕ a way to make a life more wonderful and аƖѕο healthier.

To be happy іѕ relatively simple, јυѕt сhοοѕе to be a happy person. The сhοісе іѕ simple really, just сhοοѕе to be happy. There are several ways by whісh уου саn help to do thіѕ, and here are ѕοmе of them:

Being grateful іѕ a fаntаѕtіс attitude:
We hаνе ѕο much to be thankful for. Thank the taxi driver for bringing уου home safely, thank the cook for a wonderful dinner and thank the guy who cleans уουr windows. AƖѕο thank the postman for bringing уου уουr letters; thank the policeman for making уουr рƖасе safe.

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Hi, how are you today?

How many times are you asked that during the week? How many times do you honestly reply?

Do you ever ask yourself? And then do you really listen?

Basic questions, but if we are to really discover how we feel we must be aware of the mental and physical responses of our bodies and minds. One of the most powerful attributes that we possess is the ability to alter our perception of things. Many people cope calmly and peacefully with happenings during the day that would drive others mad. If we are approached with sad news, say the death of someone close, we feel distraught, low, lifeless and lethargic. If, instead, we are informed of a million pound win, what then, whoopee, sing, dance, and be energised!!

Has anything actually happened, no just our response which has a physical effect on our being? So, what if we could manufacture that positive response? Do you know, we can? The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between fact and fiction once the suggestion is made without too much conscious in put!  Visualisation, imagination, programming the subconscious-all has a powerful result. How good are YOU at raising your outlook, using desire, belief and expectation?

How do you cope with trauma, bad news, failure? How does music help? See my basic views on happiness.

Blog me!

Warm wishes, Den Clare

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